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The Mane Event is a public arts project of Leadership Wichita Falls, a non-profit organization dedicated to the recruitment, development, and preparation of individuals for civic leadership while providing a foundation and ongoing opportunities for community involvement.

The Mane Event began as a project of the Leadership Wichita Falls (LWF) Class of 2007, raising nearly $150,000 for Faith Mission, Patsy’s House and Downtown Wichita Falls Development. Over 70 painted fiberglass horses decorated by local artists are now a part of the Wichita Falls landscape, decorating businesses, parks, and facilities throughout the city.


Now is your opportunity to own one of the iconic horses and join The Mane Event! Proceeds support the Adult and Youth Programs of Leadership Wichita Falls. 


  • The Mane Event is both the name of the project and Leadership Wichita Falls, Inc. board designees that will manage the project.

  • A deposit of half of the purchase price of the horse statue and base must be paid by the buyer at the time the horse is ordered.

  • Delivery of the original white horse is approximately 4-6 weeks.  Can be expedited at an additional cost.

  • The Mane Event has a list of at least 15 local artists to work with the proposed buyer, you are welcome to use an artist of your choosing. He or she will have to sign an Artist Agreement before preparing a design mutually accommodating the buyer's needs and agreed upon by the buyer and artist.

  • The Mane Event will approve all design proposals at its sole discretion.

  • All designs must be original work.

  • Designs must be acceptable for family audiences in terms of content.

  • The artist honorarium is included in the cost of the horse and will be paid in full at the completion of the horse.Half of the honorarium is paid to the artist upon the Mane Event's approval of the renderings and final half is paid when the artist is finished with the painted horse.

  • The cost of the clear coat will be paid upon the Mane Event’s approval of the completed horse.

  • Leadership Wichita Falls, Inc. will retain ownership of and will be responsible for each horse until the horse is completed and approved by the Mane Event.

  • This ownership also extends to use of the finished horse design through reproducible art or likenesses in any or all merchandising and advertising associated with and supporting the Mane Event.

  • A bill of sale with the above referenced reservation will be provided upon final delivery to the buyer.

  • Leadership Wichita Falls is responsible for the delivery and installation of the horse as part of the purchase agreement. Delivery will take place when horses are completed or after February 3, 2018, whichever is applicable.

Interested in ordering a horse or learning more about The Mane Event? 

Please email us at:



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